Saturday, July 23, 2011

Paris Apartment 2011

Bill at the door of our 6th floor apartment in Paris.
He walks into the living room, hangs up his hat and bag,
and relaxes on the sofa/bed to read some Moravia.
I read Colette's Cheri novellas-- so gripping, so vivid!
In the afternoon, Bill usually enjoyed a power nap while I processed my photos of the day,
 and then he would wake up to our totem animal, our landlords' little leopard rug.
The Daro's kitchen is a model of functional organization. We loved it!
We had so much fun equipping our kitchen. Here's a view of our larder with coffee, olive oil, wine, potato chips, almond cookies and spaghetti. Just the necessities.
Bill enjoyed cooking in the galley kitchen. I wish you could taste these pork chops,
or these roast chickens with boiled new potatoes, which we bought at the Richard-Lenoir market,
or how about this aglio e olio pasta (olive oil, garlic and parmigiano cheese) and, of course, a green salad and a demi-baguette.
Our host, Bruno Daro, and his wife Julia, designed the state of the art bathroom.
Our friend in Toronto, Shelly Savor based one of her linocuts on one of Bruno's photos. We bought one for the Daro's and mailed it to them. They had the print framed and put it in their bathroom.
Here's a jpeg of our copy of Shelley's "Salle de Bain" print so you can see the wonderful detail she incorporated. Hand-painted too! We can't thank you enough for sharing your pied-a-terre, Bruno and Julia!


  1. Very nice! I can see that every inch of space was carefully designed and used. Nice drawing too!

  2. Thanks, rarecat! Shelley, the printmaker, works at the library in Answerline. The apartment reminded us of a well-designed ship.

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