Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gai Marais

During our stay in the Marais last May, John and I often wandered along Rue St Merri and Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie  and it's side streets, the "gay" neighbourhood of Paris. It's Gay Pride Weekend here in Toronto so let's go back for a short tour.
Being ardent smokers, the Parisians often stood outside the gay bars with their drinks, like we see here at the famous Open Cafe at Rue des Archives
or the confetti-strewn Spyce Brazil farther down the street.
There always seemed to be revellers out ready to get their party on,
visiting gay businesses like this leather and fetish shop
or displaying their keen fashion sense.
One day as we approached the neighbourhood a waiters' race, complete with trays of drinks and cheering crowds, appeared ahead. The race course was lined with these hilarious "bear" waiters. Once the competitors passed everyone including kids rushed to collect the posters as souvenirs. As usual, they would never have fit into our carry-on! Happy Pride to all!


  1. Timely post indeed! This is our second stay in the Marais and we loved it!

  2. We loved it too, rarecat. What a nice place to stay in Paris!