Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Bill and I are amused and impressed by the library's Let books transform you this April ads from their Keep Toronto Reading campaign.
So we've been trying variations from our own home library.
And putting them up on the library's Facebook page.
Though I'm too shy to put this one up.
What do you think?
When we posted this one the library responded "Two heads are better than one!" Funny!
This is a fascinating novel with a great cover. Have you read Hemon? In a blurb on the back cover, British novelist Zadie Smith said Hemon's first novel "is alright I suppose if you appreciate multi-lingual genius types who learn the language in six months, write with great humour and style, and then get compared to Nabokov in the New York Times."
Is there a better portrait of Genet than this one?
I didn't realize Bill was making such effective use of the top of my head.
Bill slipped into a favourite blue shirt to match Mr Clemente.
This is my favourite portrait. Bill took two pictures of me and then photo-shopped them together. I love Mr Larkin's tiny head. Very Beetlejuice!