Sunday, May 30, 2010

via Condoti

Descend with us down the Spanish Steps, to one of the most exclusive streets in Rome. We'll be slipping to the left of that white building, down the via Condoti, home of some of the chicest boutiques in the world.
 Here are the Steps and the church of the Trinita dei Monti, reflected in the windows of Yves St. Laurent.
 Bill and I have drifted over to the via Condoti and the surrounding streets and shops most nights in our stay in Rome. I always felt somewhat of a poacher. Here is my vision of a shopper who truly belongs here.
Then I saw these Salvatore Ferragamo flats and fell in love. I've never had much interest in the design of women's shoes, but these made me feel happy. What more can one ask from a shoe?  Even a shoe that one will never wear?
Then I fell in love with these pretty classic looking shoes in the Prada window. Now these I could wear with the right suit, and the right total makeover.
Good old Prada! They also featured this shirt with the seam falling apart at the bottom and loose threads hanging down. How original is that? Don't ask Bill what he thinks because, if he is feeling polite, he will only shake his head. But I was totally into the vision.
Then I noticed this woman and her boyfriend and I thought that these were shoppers I could relate to. Lord, give her lots of money and set her loose. Bill and I will follow.
Through the doors of Gucci. He will be delighted to open the doors for you. Enter and be made welcome.
Across the street, at Cartier, there is a beautiful watch, another reason to fall in love with the via Condoti. You know, when you buy a watch like this, you are actually saving money in the long run.
And in the same window, Cartier comes through for us again with these two little clutch purses and these marvelous sunglasses. Do you feel better already? I do. Will I ever own any of this stuff? I really don't see it.
 Let's end this post where we started -- a new week and a new Salvatorre Ferragamo window. So simple. So perfect. And just in time for summer.

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