Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Opening the stomach

Bill and I were early for Sora Margherita, below, so we slipped up to a sidewalk cafe on the via del Portico D'Ottavia. Now Bill never drinks in the afternoon at home, so this was slightly dangerous, but the sun was so hot and I was so thirsty, we settled in for a pre-lunch drink. The Italians, who have long ago worked out every detail about the subtleties of dining, recommend this as a way of "opening the stomach".


  1. Sounds like sound advice to me.


    (Or is that only french?)

  2. Oh, yes. We open the stomach before the meal then we close it down after the meal with a digestivo (like Limoncello...). And of course, lot's of wine during the meal, aids the digestion immeasurably. Repeat daily, live forever -- well, of course you have a reason to live forever.