Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mimmo Jodice

Bill and I have recently discovered a Neopolitan photographer named Mimmo Jodice. He's been active since the 60s. We were thrilled to discover that the Palazzo delle Espsizioni was having a retrospective, so off we went this morning. We hadn't been to this venue before and were knocked out by the stunning architecture.
We were in no rush, so we watched the one hour documentary about him by Giampiero D'Angeli and Alice Maxia
If you have time, do watch it, it's very insightful.
We left the little theatre and went off to see the show. Many bodies of work are featured. Here is Bill's picture of the beautiful installation of Jodice's Mare (Sea) pictures, 1991-2009.
I was fascinated by some of his archeological photos.I should mention that everything was printed by hand by Jodice himself.
Here are Jodice's Athletes from Villa dei Papiri, from the Archeological Museum in Naples, (silver bromide prints, 1986). In the same room is this stunning installation, called Anamnesis, (lamda prints, ten elements, 1990).
Here's a detail, just to show you why, if you are in Rome, you should rush to this show.
Enjoy! On until 11 July 2010. Closed Mondays.

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