Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Isola Tiberina

At the Tiber side of the Ghetto sits the Isola Tiberina in the middle of the Tiber River. John noticed new life growing in a crack in the concrete river bank.
It has long been associated with healing; in fact Rome's oldest hospital, Fatebenefratelli (1548) presently takes up most of the island.
Opposite the Ghetto's Synagogue, Rome's oldest intact bridge, Ponte Fabricio (62 BC) crosses to the island.
The medieval church of San Bartolomeo stands on the site of the 3rd Century BC temple to Aesclapius, the Roman god of Healing and incorporates pillars from the earlier temple.
The 1st Century BC bridge, Ponte Cestio attaches the island to the Trastevere side of the Tiber.
The sun was setting as we crossed back over the Ponte Fabricio to go back through the Ghetto to our apartment.

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