Monday, May 31, 2010

The Divine Enoteca Corsi

When it is time for lunch, and Bill and I are hungry and tired from a morning of aerobic tourism, we are often drawn back into the welcoming arms of the Enoteca Corsi. Ah, here is Mary, greeting us at the door. So simpatica!
While I was washing my hands, Bill was asking Mary's advice about side dishes. He wondered what the Zucce Gratine was and when she said it was pumpkin baked with cheese. He ordered it. It was scrumptious, and slightly al dente (perfectly baked but still firm to the tooth).
Mary knows we're eating our way through the menu, so when she brought the pumpkin, she brought a plate of agretti, steamed watercress with lemon. It was lovely and light and delicious.
Bill and I fought over who would order the chicken with eggplant (above) or the baked fish alla Siciliana (below)
We made peace by switching dishes back and forth regularly throughout the meal. Everything was delicious.
We  refused dessert, as we were stuffed, but when Mary brought a slice of custard torte with fresh fruit by our table, strictly on spec, we fell on it and it was soon no more.
Bill went up to the front of the house to write down some details from the menu. Robbin, pictured above, was talking to Mary and she told him about our blog. Bill told him to google Tomatoes From Canada, and he would find us. When Bill told me this, I immediately went to take his picture. He is now in the story.
While I was taking Robbin's picture, Mary brought us complimentary chocolate liqueurs. OMG -- If we were full before dessert -- you could stand a spoon up in this black gold.
Thank you Mary. Thank you Enoteca Corsi! We'll be back.

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