Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Da Benito Portraits

After visiting the fabulous collection at Palazzo Altemps John and I dropped down to Da Benito restaurant. It was busy inside so we slipped into the two outside seats. We both chose the spaghetti with zucchini and cream and two insalata verdes.
 Everything was delicious as usual and Simona gave us the recipe for the zucchini sauce with cream.
As you can see we scraped our plates clean and I'm already checking our next destination!


  1. What a delightful time you are having. I'm thoroughly enjoying your journey vicariously. Everything looks so delicious and it's wonderful seeing and hearing about parts of Rome I've seen and so many I've yet to see in real life.
    I thought it very sensible of you not to take the stairs at the Vatican on your tailbone
    I also really liked your calendar post... what a great juxtaposition of images.
    Keep enjoying and keep posting.

  2. Hey, Q, great to have you along for the ride! Glad you liked the calendars -- they were quite a shock, "Let's see... Leonardo, Raphael, yikes!"

    It's 7:30 a.m. here and Bill is making sandwiches for our trek to Ostia Antica. Do you know it? A Roman ruin, like Pompeii, only in much better shape and in the middle of a park with big old trees.

    So far the camera and netbook are behaving. It's great to be able to google stuff in this big city.

    Did you have a great time in Londres?

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the photos and parts of your trip diary. I am really enjoying revisiting some places I remember as well as learning about new ones.
    I am off to look into zucchini cream pasta recipes!

  4. Hi Lisa
    When we complimented Simona on the zucchini-cream pasta, she said it was very easy to make. Just fry onions well, add sliced zucchini and cook well. Mesh together. Add a little cream (ie panna) and add to pasta. The joy of Italian cooking is that it uses simple ingredients, is easy to make and tastes divine! I plan to add it to my repetoire too.

  5. Hey John and Bill,
    Lisa forwarded this post to me. Thanks for sending food updates. I will definitely be making this zucchini pasta!!! I have killed all the zucchini I've planted in our garden, but now I will plant more... Have a great trip! Cathy

  6. Again with the mouth-watering food!

    We had pasta tonight ourselves, though I'm afraid, ever so less delectable.

  7. Hi Cathy and Lisa
    We get such a kick out of knowing that people are following our posts from the Eternal City!
    Just replant those zucchini plants and get ready to taste a divine dish.
    We're so excited about visiting you and your Mom and seeing Cooper and Ella, all grown up, in July. Sooon!
    Even our new friends at the Enoteca Corsi follow our Tomatoes blog now. Cool, eh?
    love, Bill