Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back to Da Benito

We spent the morning inspecting the remains of Trajan's Market, the world's first shopping centre, c.112 A.D . Da Benito, at Via dei Falegnami, 14, was on the way back to our apartment, so we stopped in for lunch. I asked our waitress, Simona, to pose for me and she started by posing with her father, Benito Mercuri, who has run this restaurant since 1967.
I moved in closer for something more intimate.
It wasn't busy yet, so I asked Simona if I could try a portrait in the beautiful outdoor light. She posed in the doorway.
We both had one of the specials of the day, rigattoni al ragu with a tomato and rocket and a mixed bitter green salad.
I just can't seem to put my camera away, so Simona spontaneously posed with Bill at the cash desk as we were paying. I might add that Da Benito is the most reasonably priced place we've discovered. Our bills average 25 euros a lunch. The food is terrific.The atmosphere and staff can't be beat.
There is always a line-up, out the door, as we are leaving.

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