Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Arrival in Rome

We had an extra long flight to Rome because of a new volcanic plume. We had to fly south to the Caribbean, then across the Atlantic to the coast of Africa, then up to Rome. It took 11 hours. Were we beat when we arrived! All was forgotten, however, when we arrived at our new apartment and took a look off our terrace.
Here's the terrace sitting area. Very comfortable. Weather is hot and humid.
For Bill and I, every visit to Rome starts at the Pantheon, our favourite building. Today we were surprised to find half of the facade covered in scaffolding. Wow -- it's getting a long overdue makeover!
Back at home, we were pleased to discover that we really did have wifi in the apartment. The apartment is great -- hardwood floors everywhere, a gas stove in a fully equipped kitchen and fun, designer lighting. We were also pleased to discover that our charming, hip proprietors, Bruno and Julia, who live in the apartment next door are hoping to visit Toronto this fall. Their daughter teaches contemporary art at McGill in Montreal. And so we begin our adventure!


  1. I'm so glad you guys made it in spite of the volcano. Your place looks wonderful. Have a delightful time. I look forward to the pictures.

  2. Hey, Q, thanks for the good wishes. We're looking forward to the pictures too! So far so good.

    And Lisa, this apartment is out of this world. It is all it was advertised to be and more. And we get to enjoy it for a whole month. Why didn't we think of this before?