Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Babies

John's family had a Chrismas reunion at the Holiday Inn in Guelph, Ontario, this past weekend. He writes: My brilliant sister and her husband had rented a room with a living-room suite. When I pushed open the door my whole family was there, eating and drinking and talking. The centerpiece, pictured above in their mother's laps, were Ella (in hat), 10 months, and Cooper, 3 months.

Ella was unusually serious the next morning as she waited with her dad for the group family photograph to be taken.


  1. Hi Kim
    We love her and you too! It was wonderful to see the family and, of course, especially the newbies at the Gueph family gathering. Maybe it will become a tradition! Our love to Princess Ella, Prince Jakob, Sweet Richard and, even you, m'dear! Love, Uncles John and Bill