Monday, December 28, 2009


The college town of Berkeley is an easy daytrip from San Francisco using the BART trains. The city and the University of California campus conjure up visions of 1960's and 70's student dissent, especially to the Vietman War. That dissent dwindled in the 80's and 90's but was revived with President Bush's policies and the War in Iraq.

The city and campus have a classic college town feel with Strawberry Creek meandering through the campus and interesting shops and bookstores on the "student" streets like Telegraph Avenue.

Be careful catching the BART back to San Francisco. Somehow we took an unexpected and unplanned side trip to Fremont when our visit to Berkeley was over. With the help of a lovely local headed to San Francisco we found our way.


  1. Thanks, Alexxander!
    It's great to get feedback on our blog. We started it as a way to publish our travel photos and stories and to show our favourite places in "our Toronto", our hometown. Are you a native of Barcelona? We vistied a few years ago and loved the city, its people and its vitality. The Born neighbourhood and, of course, the Gaudi architecture were favourites. Happy New Year! William Kimber and John Elmslie