Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Parisian Shop Windows

The shop windows of Paris provide endless entertainment. Let's begin our tour on rue Saint-Honoré "Fashion Street Paris" and then wander beyond.
Here's the entrance to Moncler Ready-to-wear.
Trendy Fendi
Dsquared -- the Canadians.
Closed jewellery shop on Place Vendome.
Mannequin ghost
Good things from Méert
Patisserie Aux Merveilleux de Fred
Dark wedding
House of Alexander McQueen
Wrapped mannequin
Vivienne Westwood is going clunky.
Roberto Cavalli's coral and pearl fantasy.
John Galliano shoes the elegant Parisian.
Sweet Hush-Puppies
Tempting men's shop window
We'll pass on the belts, thank you.
Antique shop mouser
Calligrane Paper shop
 T.T. Trunks Leather goods
Japanese dolls
And to end -- a flurry of curiosities and reflections.


  1. Someone is still buying trunks!
    Well that really looks like the place to buy one.
    If I had a team to carry a trunk, I could likely really enjoy using it.

  2. I do believe the green trunk in that window was antique - perhaps Deco? We still prefer our carry-on only for travel.