Saturday, June 30, 2018

Sixteen Parisian Dogs and a Cat

When I first saw this picture I noticed the cigarette butt and the dog stepping gingerly around it 
It occurred to me that dogs might find their environment unpleasant -- even under the arches of the Place des Vosges, one of the iconic sites of Paris.
Other dogs seem to find the whole being-with-humans thing very glamorous.
 We saw some lovely mutts in Paris
Gloriously shapeless.
Kept on a short leash. 
Paris also has its unleashed dogs.
 She has coordinated her dog and shoes.
 I saw a dog pass its nose over a urine stain as if scanning a barcode.
We didn't meet a Parisian dog we didn't like.
 We passed this Labrador many times at its restaurant near the Musée Picasso. This is a rare moment when he's not surrounded by adoring fans. Bill is sure he is the envy of all the dogs in the neighbourhood.
And here is our one Parisian cat, Aggie -- owner of Shakespeare and Company.

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