Saturday, June 9, 2018

Great Moderns at Musée d'Art Moderne

Paris' superb modern art museum has rehung its collection of 20th century paintings and the results are spectacular. The occasion is a renovation which sees the entrance to the museum relocated to the Seine side of the building where the visitor can access special shows (presently the wonderful Zao Wu-ki) and the smartly rehung modern and contemporary collections.
Both collections look better than ever. Here are some of our favourites. Robert Delaunay, The Cardiff Team, 1912-1913
 Sonia Delaunay, Electric Prisms n41, 1913-1914
 Juan Gris, Book, 1913
 Giorgio De Chirico, Hermetic Melancholy, 1919
Jules Pascin, Temple of Beauty, 1925 
 Marc Chagall, The Dream, 1927
 Jean Arp, Constellation with Five White Shapes, 1932
Jean Arp, Human Concretion, 1933 
Édouard Vuillard, Portrait of Aristide Maillol, 1930-1935
 Édouard Vuillard, Portrait of Pierre Bonnard, 1930-1935
 And hanging nearby two paintings by Bonnard.
 Pierre Bonnard, Nude in the Bath, 1936
 Pierre Bonnard, The Garden, ca 1936
Raoul Dufy, Port with Sailing Ship, Homage to Claude Lorrain, ca 1935 
 Raoul Dufy, Regatta with Flags Flying, Henley, 1935-1952
 Karel Appel, Animals above the Village, 1951
Èugene Leroy Composition 1950. We're not familiar with Leroy. Nice discovery.
Èugene Leroy, Composition, 1950
 Giorgio De Chirico, Metaphysical Interior with biscuits, 1968
Metaphysical Interior with Biscuits (detail). Love this quintessential Italian view out the window.
To get to the Musée d'Art Modern de la Ville de Paris take the Métro to Alma Marceau station and walk west along the Seine. Note the spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower.

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  1. Metaphysical Interior with Biscuits also caught my attention. (That bumpy-rectangle style of biscuits are still available in my neighbourhood.)
    This museum was very pleasant to visit - and I just kept thinking about the kind of city that has a free municipal museum devoted to modern art.