Saturday, June 2, 2018

Bastille Market

One of the great pleasures of staying in the Marais neighbourhood of Paris is shopping at the Bastille (Richard Lenoir) Market on Thursdays and Sundays.
The market stretches from the Bastille monument north along the promenade that splits Boulevard Richard Lenoir and offers a variety of vendors
some selling clothing
some selling housewares
and of course, many selling fine farm produce.
Twice a week we haunted the stalls.
We found avocados, salad greens, and a wonderful strongly flavoured broad-leafed parsley
and tomatoes.
We bought fruit like myrtle berries, strawberries, raspberries
and cherries
brought in from across France, Europe and the Mediterranean.
We liked this delectable soft Saint Marcellin cheese
We also looked for good organic eggs.
The variety of fresh seafood is amazing 
 and beautifully displayed.
From the exotic
to the more familiar like crabs and lobsters displayed on kelp.
Fresh oyster stands were popular with all.
We found butcher stalls with all kinds of cuts
including young goat.
We noticed this young person trying his hand in the family business
and enjoyed this young musician entertaining the shoppers.
Peonies are being featured in the flower stands this week.
And of course, this is France -- you can find good bread.
Before we go we better look at something to take away -- "À emporter s'il vous plaît!"
So many things to tempt us!
We've enjoyed lunches of paella and beef bourguignon from these folks
although the fabulous Moroccan soup offered by this charming lady has become our favourite.
We haven't tried these roast potatoes and sausage yet. But we still have a week left in Paris and they are on our list.


  1. Now that is a real market! Looks fabulous.
    Definitely on the schedule.
    I can't believe your weeks are already coming to an end? But it will be great to have you back in Toronto.

  2. A great market, Lisa. Go see. Yes, resist as we may we find ourselves preparing to leave! But it has been a great visit and Paris has been very kind to us. See you soon.
    Bill & John

  3. I think the lentil soup is a big draw! I realized I have only visited this market in winter so I really want to see spring bounty.

  4. I believe the Moroccan woman was only there on Sundays -- about midway through the stalls in the center row.