Monday, April 30, 2018

Matthew Ronay at galerie Perrotin

Bill and I had a look at some of the independent art galleries of the Haut Marais on Saturday. Contemporary art is alive and well in Paris!
Brooklyn-based Matthew Ronay's charming sculptures at the Perrotin Gallery came as a complete surprise. What undersea ocean trench did Move, Swallow, Breathe grow up in?
Ronay is certainly in touch with his unconscious. The gallery literature tells us that Raw Recorder and the other works begin life as sketches. 
When Ronay decides the sketch is finished the fabrication of the piece begins. Femsupreme is made of basswood, dye, gouache, flocking, plastic and steel. Ronay's began his career making  architectural maquettes.
Trophallaxis and all the other pieces in the show were made last year in 2017. Ronan began exhibiting in 1999.
I find them delightful. Limerent Bond is a typical size -- about two feet long.
Sexual Trimorphism and the other works certainly evoke Yves Tanguy's biomorphic shapes.
Terra/Firmament stands on a table in front of
Midnight Ascent -- a larger work: 55" by 47". We'll give Ronay the last word. He talks about this body of work in this five minute video.

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