Saturday, April 28, 2018

Delacroix's Doodles

Bill and I found so much to like at the Louvre's Delacroix show.
 We were both drawn to the lithographs of this master printmaker. Here are three from 1827 -- Mephistopheles in the air,
Faust and Mephistopheles in the Mountains of Harz (note the marginal drawings),
and Mephistopheles introduces himself to Marthe. 

*     *     *

About those marginal drawings. The wall text tells us this is the first state of the print. It is fun to think of Delacroix so full of invention that he couldn't resist filling in the margins of the stone for the test versions of the print. 
 Here is closer look at some of these quick sketches.
 Love these tigers in repose.
Among the faces.
 And this grumpy lion.
Proves Delacroix just could not make an uninteresting line.

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