Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Joan Mitchell and Riopelle in Toronto

American abstract expressionist, Joan Mitchell and Canadian abstract painter, Jean-Paul Riopelle met in Paris in the 1950s and had a 25 year relationship. 
John and I are familiar with Riopelle's painting, but have never had a chance to see a big show of Mitchell's work -- until now. Untitled, 1961
So for us the most exciting aspect of Mitchell/Riopelle: Nothing in Moderation is the chance to see a large number of truly magnificent Joan Mitchells.  Chasse Interdite, 1973.
Here is a third marvellous painting by Joan Mitchell, A Garden for Audrey, 1974
That's John in the background of this room
admiring Mitchell's elegant, loose work in her Girolata, 1964.
That's Riopelle's Gitksan, 1959 on the left and Mitchell's Untitled, circa 1958 on the right. I think the mutual influence is obvious.
The compositions of these two large Riopelles seem influenced by how comic book panels are laid out on a page. That's a small Mitchell between them.
Here is a closer look at that Mitchell, Untitled, circa 1975. Nice!
I loved this Riopelle, The Water Line, 1977. It reminded me of Pierre Alechinsky's paintings.
Mitchell's Untitled, ca. 1955 on the left. Riopelle's Saint-Anthon, 1956 on the right.
Joan Mitchell's lyrical Tilleul (Linden Tree),1978
and her Weeds, 1976
as well as Fields, ca. 1972. Three different approaches to what makes a good painting.
Mitchell's Untitled, ca. 1962-1964
and a detail from the upper right corner.
Mitchell's Canada 1, ca.1975
and another detail (lower right). If you like painting you won't want to miss this show. We hope to return to the Art Gallery of Ontario soon for a second look.