Wednesday, November 15, 2017


John and I are safely home in Toronto with time to look at our many new photographs.
We see that we have collected a small portrait of native Venetians,
working on the canals
or waiting with friends
for the ferry.
Meanwhile inside the vaporetto we find the captain,
Venetians catching up on gossip,
reading books,
 or papers,
 or phones,
on the way to their destination.
 Others work
 or play
 or relax with
 a drink in the campos.
 Even the Venetian Lion must share his pedestal during break-time.
 The streets are always busy
 with strollers
 and shoppers
come rain,
or come shine.
And new friends can be made. Meet our new friend Alessandra, at the Enoteca Rio Marin.
John and I even felt Venetian ourselves with our own apartment in the quiet of Cannareggio
where many Venetians still live.

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