Sunday, October 15, 2017

Seven Decorative Motifs -- 1st Century Rome

Every time Bill and I visit the Palazzo Altemps (steps away from Piazza Navona) we discover something new and memorable.
 Last week we had a close look at these delightful fragments of painted stucco in the Evan Gorga Collection.
Every time I like a work of ancient art I tend to say "It still looks fresh."
 But look at these marvellously designs -- still fresh looking after 2,000 years!
 As nearly as I can determine they are fragments from painted cornices
(cornices are "ornamental mouldings around the wall of a room just below the ceiling")
in what historians of classical art call the Fourth style (late Republican-Augustan period) or the 1st Century A.D.
We first posted about the amazing Evan Gorga Collection last year -- here.

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