Sunday, October 29, 2017

Riccardo Ajossa at Spazio Nuovo, Rome

Last year Bill and I discovered Spazio Nuovo -- Rome's coolest contemporary art gallery. We have discovered interesting European and South American artists there.
We didn't know Riccardo Ajossa whose works are currently on display in a show called #incerticonfini (in English: Uncertain Boundaries). Above: the panel in the centre is ink on handmade paper flanked by two photographs.
Both the paper and the inks in the panel on the left have been made by the artist. The paper has been made using a traditional Korean technique. The inks are made according to historical recipes. 
For the photograghs the artist has placed details from paintings by Titian and Tiepolo in the water on Portuguese beaches and recorded the reflections.
Ajossa has also made a set of collages using his handmade papers with antique prints.
 Bill and I were drawn to one last ambitious artwork --
a table filled with artist's studies -- experiments with pigments on old paper stock
with gorgeous results.
I took these details with my phone. Phones are uniquely suited to tabletop photography.
Guillaume, one of the gallery's founders encouraged us to "dig down" through the layers to look at the works beneath.
We bought this collage. Isn't it lovely? Note to collectors: the works on the table are very reasonably priced -- if you are in Rome you might want to get down to Spazio Nuovo sooner rather than later.


  1. Stunning show! Thanks so much for going into detail. I'd really love to see your collage in person....

  2. It's a beauty - now framed and hanging on our wall!