Thursday, October 5, 2017

Charming Baroque Church in Trastevere

When we sat down to do this post Bill and I were surprised to discover that there is almost no information available about one of our favourite churches in Trastevere:  Santa Maria della Scala (Our Lady of the Staircase).
-- a few lines in the Blue Guide, a half page on Wikipedia.
We discovered it a few years ago and have never forgotten our first impression of the towering ceiling, the pink marble
and the arc of glittering chandeliers.
Here is a closer look at the main alter.
Panoramic picture of the chapel to the right of the altar.
Detail of that angel in the bottom-right corner of the panorama.
We haven't found major works of art here
but we have found major charm
and fascinating details everywhere.
S. Maria della Scala is about five minutes north of the must-see Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere.
We think you won't be disappointed if you visit.
We're planning to attend an organ concert here later this month.
One last note: be sure to have a careful look at the marble floors
for more surprising and memorable details.

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