Friday, June 16, 2017

New Rodney Graham in NY

This spring John and I caught a great exhibition of Rodney Graham photographs at the 303 Gallery in Chelsea.
Do you know Graham's work? He creates large-scale, backlit, staged photographs -- think of the work of other West Coast Canadian artists Jeff Wall or Stan Douglas.
 Humour is a delightful element of his images and he often casts himself as the central figure. Coat Puller, 2017.
  One problem we had in recording the show was that the combination of natural and tungsten lighting in the gallery with the light from the backlit photographs caused colour balance chaos for our cameras.
Consider Antiquarian Sleeping in his Shop, 2017. 
 These details from Antiquarian are closer to the "actual" colour of the photograph.
 Media Studies '77, 2016
 Dinner Break (Salisbury Steak), 2017.
 True wit.
I loved this piece. Newspaper Man, 2017. 
Newspaper Man details
In the lobby of the gallery there were some published works from Rodney Graham's career.
John wants this 10" vinyl disc -- Rodney Graham Getting it Together in the Country: Some Works with Sound Waves, Some Works with Light Waves and Some Other Experimental Works. He immediately looked it up on Discogs -- it's already prohibitively expensive. 

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