Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ellsworth Kelly and Robert Mangold

Bill and I found delightful abstraction in Chelsea. At Matthew Marks Gallery we found Late Works by Ellsworth Kelly.
Kelly did these pieces in the last three years of his life.
After 70 years of constant effort

Matthew Marks also had a show of Kelly's lovely Plant Drawings.
So carefully observed as to be portraits of individuals.
We hadn't seen these brush paintings before. 
Wonderfully loose where the pencil drawings are so controlled.
Nice to see some colour.
We thought these late Kellys had an affinity to these confident recent works from Contemporary American artist Robert Mangold
We liked these carefully framed Mangold prints at Pace Gallery.
At first glance they look simple but I found myself continuing to look for a long time.
Pace Gallery had a show of monumental works by Mangold on 25th Street
We found them delightful and refreshing.
They bear their monumental size lightly.
The show included works on paper. This one is about two feet wide.
We left with a new interest in Robert Mangold.

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