Sunday, November 13, 2016

Expressionism at McMaster

John and I took the GO bus to Hamilton yesterday to see the "Art and Expressionism" show at McMaster University with our friend Roger Wood.
 The bus was fast and inexpensive and Fall was bursting the seams of the QEW.
Roger had arranged to meet us at the Hamilton GO station (1933).
He assured us it was a "Deco gem". 
 The interiors continue the Deco fantasy world.
 Roger drove us to the McMaster Museum of Art.
 The building has a nice retro-Deco style of the 1950s version.
The exhibition pairs German Expressionist work from the McMaster collection with contemporary art. Here's Joseph Beuys, Intellect Economy Law, 1984. 
 We both liked The Voice of the Turtle, 1984 by Stephen Andrews.
John caught a nice detail from centre-left of the piece.
We've seen a version of Jörg Immendorff's, Cafe Deutschland, 1983, in Europe. I guess he must have done a series of works with this title. Fun to see this one.
 One of Anselm Kiefer's dark pieces: Yggdrasil, 1985-1991.
A lady you want at your next party, Leonie, 1923 by Otto Dix.  
 I caught John taking a picture
of Chaim Soutine's Portrait of Richard X, 1915-1916. 
Loved the placement of Wilhelm  Lehmbruck's  bronze Storming Man, 1914, against Hermann Max Pechstein's 12 woodcuts called The Lord's Prayer, 1921
 and I loved Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's wonderful, crazy Acrobatic Dancers Cartwheeling, 1913.
 Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Female Head, 1915. The Denner Wallace Collection of German Expressionist and Weimar Period prints is utterly fascinating. Seems very NOW to me.
 I liked this little drawing of Bella, by Lucian Freud, 1987 -- his very distinctive style.
 George Grosz is such a great draughtsman. Self-portrait for Charlie Chaplin, 1919.
 John's detail from above.
August Sanders wonderful photo-portrait of Otto Dix and his wife Martha, 1925/26. Hip enough?
 Another piece by Stephen Andrews, Self-Portrait as Jim Black, 1985. I liked everything about this folded piece. Very inspiring!
 Sculptor and designer, Roger Wood, was looking dashing  in the Fall light
and after lunch in Dundas he took us up the Escarpment  
to enjoy views down on the East End of Hamilton
and over Dundas in the west. Thank you Roger for the wonderful day of adventure and fun!

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