Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sean Scully at Mnuchin Gallery

The Mnuchin Gallery is easily found. It is three blocks north of the Met Breuer and three blocks south of what is now called the Met Fifth Avenue (formerly Metropolitan Museum of Art).
Bill and I visited Ursus Books on 78th Street and noticed a gallery across the street advertising a show of works by Irish painter Sean Scully.
 We bravely rang the bell and they buzzed us in.
We weren't familiar with the Mnuchin Gallery and were pleased to discover a grand, exquisitely finished space. The paintings looked magnificent. Here's Music, 1986 (oil on linen). Scully's innovation in the 80's (the theme of the show) was to paint individual panels before combining them into finished paintings.
We wandered through the spacious main floor.  That's Red Line Diptych, 1988, oil on canvas, through the doorway. I walked up to that small blue and black painting in the centre for a closer look.
 Bear, 1982, oil on wood.
 Left: Secret Sharer, 1989, oil on linen. Right: Red Line Diptych, 1988, oil on canvas.
 Left, A Green Place, 1987, oil on linen.
The exhibition continues on the second floor, up the grand staircase. Left, Shelter Island, 1982, oil on linen 
Left: A Bedroom in Venice, 1988, oil on canvas. Right: Empty Heart, 1987, oil on linen.
 Long Night, 1985, oil on canvas and wood
 It was exciting work, beautifully hung. We'll certainly return to Mnuchin Gallery.
 Left, Stranger, 1987, oil on linen, 96 x 124 inches (243.8 x 315 cm)
Summer, 1987, oil on linen. Find more information and proper photographs of all the paintings on the gallery's website.


  1. "Bedroom in Venice" really caught my attention.
    Thanks for discovering this new gallery; I'll check their website for the straight skinny.
    Your "improper" photos are great!

  2. It was a delightful find, Cheri. Quite by accident but we'll check them out in the future.

  3. Scylly is one best painter now and thank you for your post. It is worth also to check his talk on youtube.

  4. We'll check out the talk, Sadko. Thanks for the tip.