Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Our Other Bar in Rome

Sometimes John and I set off for the patio of Il Piccolo and found it full. Then we slipped up one of the side streets off Via Governo Vecchio to our other favourite bar -- Caffè Parione
on Via della Pace (Street of Peace)
In contrast to the busy restaurant next door,
Caffè Parione has a wonderful feeling of privacy
and a charming street shrine above a Roman drinking fountain 
where Via della Pace enters Piazza del Fico. 
 The piazza is full of customers from Bar del Fico across the street
 that seemed to attract a young, local crowd of professionals and their pets.
 A moving theatre for we who were watching from Caffè Parione.
The Parione fills both sides of its place on Via della Pace.
The staff were friendly and very attentive
 and wonderful apertivi came with every round of drinks.
We loved this pup
who drank from the water fountain right beside our table one night
 and we loved the flow of visitors ordering Negroni cocktails before moving on to dine.
Inside, the bar is colourful and cozy.
 Soon it was dark and we would bid the waiting staff goodnight
 and slip into Via della Pace
to head home.