Thursday, June 2, 2016

Republic Day Parade 2016

Bill and I wanted to take pictures of Italian soldiers at the annual Republic Day parade. Our plan was to arrive at the mustering area where the troops would be setting up near the Circo Massimo Metro stop.
We thought the guys might be pleased to pose for us in their formal and period uniforms. 
We arrived to find that we were way too late and that almost all the troops had departed. 
 We were just in time to catch the departure of these soldiers who would appear last in the parade.
 We were a bit discouraged and walked along the edge of the Circus Maximus on our way back into town. In Rome there is always lunch to look forward to. Suddenly the troops started pouring back towards us along Via di Teatro di Marcello after their march past the Roman Forum.
The formal parade must be over.
We got to see each branch of the military in a last-minute review.
Italian women and men marched together.
Some individuals
stand out in a crowd.
We were fascinated by the mountain troops with their skis
 and these women in Second WW nursing attire.
The soldiers were ready to relax.
Phones came out.
 Helmets came off
Everybody was "at ease".
The soldiers posed for each other.
They posed for us.
 This World War One uniform would not be complete without the helmet.
We were ready to keep on working but a sudden rain sent the troops into their buses and Bill and I to shelter and that anticipated lunch.


  1. Indeed, Linda, and very sweet as well. So excited by the event and their role in it.

  2. I find the historic uniforms so interesting.
    Do you think it was for a specific anniversary or just usual at this parade?
    Great photos!
    Thanks for sharing.