Friday, June 17, 2016

Pizza at Il Leoncino

Steps from the extravagance of the Via Condotti is Il Leoncino, one of our favourite pizzerias in Rome.
Bill and I went there yesterday and the chefs posed for me
 with their wood-fired oven.
Good things come out of this oven.
 Like these pizzas -- my Margherita (the classic -- cheese and tomato sauce) and Bill's Napoletana (simply add anchovies to the Margherita to significantly shift the flavour).
 The slightly scorched edges are a sign that you are about to eat something delicious.
We like to order a mixed salad and a plate of white beans (fagioli al fiasco). Then we mix them together to share. So good!
Try to get a table on their tiny patio.
It is sheltered from the street in the nicest way.
We've learned that La Signora's name is Laura. She seems so happy these days. What is her secret?


  1. Thank you Diane. It has been a trip filled with happiness.

  2. Signora Laura's happiness is having you as guests enjoying the fantastic pizzas! The patio is gorgeous!

  3. Nice thought, Cheri, but Laura really is filled with love since last we visited. Lovely to see. The patio is a treat by the way.

  4. would you consider adopting a nice 49 year old queer gent from Peterborough?