Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mark Lechy installation in Trastevere

John came upon an article in ARTnews this morning about an installation in Trastevere by British artist Mark Lechy. We were headed to Trastevere today anyway so added Lechy to our day's agenda. We didn't know Lechy at all so we were interested to learn that he won the 2008 Turner Prize.
 His installation, called UniAddDumThs, is set in Sant'Andrea De Scaphis, no longer a church. The young woman seen above the door here was very welcoming and gave us a copy of Lechy's artist's statement.
 According to the statement the work "is an evolving installation of knock-offs. It is an assembly of reproductions, a growing, pulsating display of simulcra rendered as 3D objects, 2D prints and videos." And so it was.
 Apparently, the objects on display are based on images he collected from the internet and also from an exhibition he curated at Southbank Centre in London in 2013 of archeological, art world and historical items.
 This got my attention because my own collecting of images on Pinterest can be quite obsessive and I often wonder just what I will do with them beyond the gathering thereof.
Looks like Mark Lechy has managed to do something with his image collection.  He will be doing a related installation at PS1 in NYC this fall and now I want to go see where this project goes!