Friday, June 24, 2016

Lunch at Da Enzo in Trastevere

The restaurant Da Enzo in Rome's Trastevere comes highly recommended, but it doesn't open until 12:30 p.m.
 Bill and I got there a bit early and were soon part of a patient throng.
At the stroke of the half hour we were quickly seated and orders were taken.
The food was wonderful.
I ordered the classic Roman deep fried zucchini flowers stuffed with cheese and anchovies on our first visit. When it arrived it didn't look like much. 
 Then I cut into it. How do you say "yum" in Italian!
 Had to show you this bit -- a green bit of the flower. So fresh looking!
 Another Roman classic: pasta carbonara -- with eggs, and pancetta (a kind of bacon).
 Wanted you to see just how yellow the egg yokes were. The flavour was off the scale.
Bill ordered Pollo Romano (chicken baked with sweet peppers) on our first visit. Squisito (delicious).
 When we went back yesterday,  Bill tried another classic Roman dish: Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper). Note the extremely creamy sauce. He loved it.
My Lasagna Classica made with a couple of kinds of meat. I'm just showing you the crispy part at the edge.
 Here are a few of our contorni (vegetable side dishes). This is roasted eggplant and peppers.
 We don't eat chicory in North America. Steamed and served with oil and lemon it was the perfect foil for Bill's creamy pasta.
The house salad was a perfect tangy compliment to the lasagna. You can see a white piece of fennel buried in there -- it added crunch and a mild flavour.
We'll be looking for fennel when we get home.
Enough photography. I'm putting on my bib.
Time to tuck-in.

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