Sunday, June 12, 2016

Secret Hill Town on the Italian Coast

 Sperlonga, a hill town on the coast between Rome and Naples, has been a resort for 2,000 years.
Let's walk around!
 This is the main square, the Piazza della Repubblica, circled by shops, bars and restaurants.
 This is the town perched on the cliffs.
 Let's wander down into the rabbit-warren of streets below.
Upper alleys are lined with shops and neighbourhood groceries.
 Cats and views of the sea below are part of the experience.
 The belvedere on the east side of the hill
 with its floral gardens, seating and beach views.
 The variation in the white-painted, Arabic-looking architecture seems endless.
 John stops to admire a detail --
someone's personal shrine.
 We enjoyed a Gothic-style mural in a medieval courtyard
and continued on through the maze of alleys
 arriving at one of the belvederes on the west side of the cliff
with views of the new town
and its beach below.
Here's our little street with our own little home in Sperlonga carved into the city wall.
We loved the kitchen with its gorgeous tiles.
 We also loved the comfortable little balcony
 perfect for a quiet evening with a bottle of prosecco
also perfect for coffee at dawn.
Wonderful to watch the land appear out of the dark with our beach.
On our last morning a rain cloud came over the hill and we caught a bus to Fondi nearby and then a train back to Rome.

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