Friday, June 3, 2016

Beautiful Piazza di Sant'Ignazio

 One of the historic sights John and I can see from the terrace of our apartment in Rome
is the Baroque facade of Chiesa Sant'Ignazio di Loyola.
 If you are a visitor to Rome it is worth going out of your way to visit this church
 with its gorgeous 3-D nave ceiling fresco
 by Andrea Pozzo (c.1685). Detail above.
 Equally famous and amazing is the Piazza di Sant'Ignazio, seen here as one leaves the church. It was designed by Filippo Raguzzini in 1727/28.
John and I pass through the piazza regularly
and agree with the oft-made comparison of the square to a theatrical set.
So many entrances and exits -- definitely quite operatic.
Night and incandescent lighting only increase the effect.
I can't help wondering what it would be like to live there; to look out one of those apartment windows!

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