Thursday, June 30, 2016

Another Walk in Rome

 Bill and I walk across Via della Coppelle almost every day.
The wall colour is typical of the historic centre.
Roman fountains date back to a time when free, fresh water was considered a human right. They still flow every day, all day.
 Look up in Rome -- decorative elements, usually religious, abound.
Never pass a church without going in. This turned out to be the church of the Portuguese community -- with stunning marble walls within.
Buccone on the Via di Ripetta is a good place to buy excellent olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Businessman/politicians all wear perfectly-cut suits with their recently trimmed hair -- very slick.
We had circled "International Priest's Day" on our calendar.
It did not disappoint.
 I had fun learning to use the camera in my phone -- especially for quick shots.
Walk this way.
Roman infrastructure -- feel free to drink.
Bill on our street in Rome: the Via dei Bergamaschi. Again the wall colour is typical
Romans handle graffiti by constantly painting over it. The lower paint is fresh.
Typical Roman with cellphone in one hand, cigarette in the other.
Typical tourist with map.
Old trees, old churches, old cultures.
Dusk in the Eternal City.
 Always colourful by our favourite bar on the Via del Governo Vecchio.
Dining in the dusk.
The peckish can always grab a snack (forno = oven).


  1. Easily done in this amazing city, rarecat. Talk about picturesque!

  2. I really enjoy the wall colour shots (OK I enjoy ALL of the photos).
    You guys look so happy.

  3. wow... beautiful photos as always. I love the colours of the walls, and the people you found to photograph. Wonderful medley with priests and businessmen... and delightful of you the walk like this is precious!

  4. Thank you, Lisa and Q! We never tired of the Roman streets!