Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A walk in the Roman Botanical Gardens.

If the noise and  traffic of Rome is shredding your nerves, take yourself to the Orto Botanico (Botanical Gardens) a little-known get-away in the north end of Trastevere.
The urn-topped walls of Palazzo Corsini will lead the way
to the gates of a blessed oasis.
Bill and I walked with pleasure
into the garden of palms at the park's entrance.
It has been a lovely Spring in Rome and the vegetation was lush.
After the formal lawns and fountains of the entrance grounds
the garden climbs the slope of the Janiculum Hill. On our last visit Bill and I fell in love with the bamboo forest.
The trunks of the bamboo are very attractive to the touch -- cool and smooth -- hollow?
While Bill went on ahead I sat for a moment.  It was very peaceful.
Steps lead between young and mature bamboo plants
to offer a beautiful view of Rome spread out below.
The bamboo gardens are both calming and thrilling.
At the entrance to the Japanese gardens
we had to duck under the low branches of the trees.
We saw a pavilion in the distance
 and heard the sound of running water.
 We sat in the little pavilion and gazed at the pool defined by the fence.
 When we continued we had a closer look at the water engineering.
 The waterfall.
The bushes and trees have been planted so that your body must rub up against them. 
 Textural beauty everywhere.
Next we visited the elegant Scalinata delle Undici Fontane (Staircase of 11 Fountains).
A pool and lush acanthus plants decorate the bottom of the stairway.
We finished our visit in the cactus garden
behind the Palazzo Corsini.

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