Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wendy Tancock at the Vienna Bakery

In the 1990s, Wendy Tancock did a series of spectacular windows for Gay Couillard's Vienna Home Bakery on Toronto's Queen Street West.
Bill and I used to eat there regularly and fell in love with Tancock's work at first sight. I hurried to document it. When I finally met Tancock I discovered that like many artists she was not documenting her own work, so I put myself on the job. December 1993.
Here is a close up of the December 1993 window. I love how strong the paint looks on the plain brown paper. And I love the blackboard effect of the white on black.
 Wild blueberry blackberry pie, in season now. August 1994.
Real pumpkin, order now. October 1994. 
 Same window a month later with sandwich board. November 1994.
Now in season! Wild blueberry pie -- pie heaven! September 1995. 
Dial a pie! November 1995.
Dark fruitcake, rum soaked! No candied fruit.  December 1995. Note the Tancock t-shirts on the wall at the right.
Wild blueberry pie! in season now. September 1996
 a = apple, p = pie, n = num-nums. don't wait, order now. November 2000.
A picture from inside the bakery, with a wall of Wendy Tancock ceramics. Those are also Tancock's labels on the jars of jam. Thank you Wendy for a great run of window designs.


  1. Hi John,
    Thanks for posting these amazing photos!!

    The Vienna Bakery was such a special and cherished place.

    I am so happy you took these fabulous photos. You rock!!

    Take Care,

    1. Vienna Bakery has a cherished place in our hearts too. So many more stories to tell...

  2. So fun! Pie craving in full effect now.

  3. Absolutely fabulous window signage! (we use our Arcadia coffee cups every morning!)