Monday, November 9, 2015

The Royal Winter Fair, 2015

John and I went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair yesterday.
We started in the barn with the domestic farm animals where we found this sheep in a protective coat
and these charming white-eared goats.
Those goats are certainly cute!
Fun signage abounded.
We liked the on-site camps of the farmers involved
and the sometimes glamorously decorated stables.
When we crossed to the Horse Palace
beautiful Clydesdale stallions were being judged for prizes. Sometimes posing,
sometimes being trotted around the ring
for the judges to consider.
Here's John with the rest of the audience.
The judges
were moving around
to choose a winner
whilst the visitors watched.
As we left the Clydesdale mares were about to enter the ring.
Before we left we had to check out the winning pumpkins and squash
and fruit and vegetables.
This area always reminds me
of the country fairs of my youth in Southern Ontario.
Wonderful to have it happening in the big city.
Soon we were retrieving our bikes from under the fluttering maple leaves and on our way home.


  1. I love the exhausted carrot in repose.

  2. It could be one of your characters -- in want of a refreshing bath.

  3. I'm quite partial to Bell's classy outfit. What wonderful shots as usual... it's fun to see the Royal Winter Fair through your eyes.