Sunday, October 25, 2015

The new Whitney Museum

That's the new Whitney Museum of American Art at the top right, at 99 Gansevoort Street, with the marvelous  High Line park in front.
Renzo Piano's building isn't very exciting from the outside but it's big and spacious inside. This is the entrance lobby and bookstore.
The ritzy restaurant, EAT, has a branch attached to the ground floor entrance.
After visiting the Archibald Motley show on the 8th floor, we visited the Whitney's permanent collection on the 7th and 6th floors. We saw lots of art from their collection that was new to us.
We particularly liked Lee Krasner's The Seasons, 1957. Oil and house paint on canvas
Morris Louis' stained canvas Addition II, 1959. Acrylic.
This is Helen Frankenthaler's Blue Form in a Scene, 1961. Oil on canvas.
We thought Willem de Kooning's Door to the River, 1960, looked particularly fresh. Oil on linen.
John loved Marisol's delightful sculpture, Women and dog, 1963-64. Wood, plaster, acrylic, taxidermic dog head and found objects.
The exterior viewing platforms on the 8th to 6th floors offer fabulous views of Manhattan and the Hudson River.
Particularly delightful since the weather in New York has been in the mid-20s this week.
That's the Empire State Building in the middle distance.
We love Charles Demuth's naughty watercolour and graphite drawing, Distinguished Air, 1930
and Reginald Marsh's Ten Cents a Dance, tempera on composition board.
I'm a big fan of John Marin's watercolours. This is Region of Brooklyn Bridge Fantasy, 1932.
 Edward Hopper's Study for Nighthawks, 1941 or 1942 in charcoal. Lovely!
Let's end back on the ground floor where the Whitney continues to offer a site-specific artwork in a side room as they did in the old Madison Avenue venue. This is Jared Madere's humorous Untitled, 2015 in mixed media, including scarves, fans, twine, lace, Italian marble, glass, water and LEDs. Afterward we took a refreshing walk along the High Line Park.


  1. What a great location for the new Whitney. Those vistas of the city are amazing.

  2. We were so lucky to visit in good weather. The viewing platforms are very special!