Thursday, October 22, 2015

Picasso Sculpture at MOMA

John and I arrived in New York City on Monday and began our art tours with a visit to the Museum of Modern Art where we loved the huge exhibition of Pablo Picasso's sculptures. The works, from the 1910s to the 1960s, were full of invention and often playful. Here's a selection.
 Still Life with Guitar,  Paris, 1913, paperboard.
Violin, Paris, c 1915. Painted sheet metal and iron wire.
 Head of a Woman, Paris, 1929-30. Painted sheet metal, springs and metal colanders.
 Bust of a Woman, Boisleloup, 1931. Plaster.
 Head of a Woman, Boisgeloup,1932. Plaster.
 Bather, Boisgeloup, 1931. Bronze.
 Drawing from the series An Anatomy, c1933. Graphite.
 Head of a Warrior, Boisleloup, c1933. Plaster, wood, metal.
Woman with Leaves, Boisgeloup, c1934. Plaster.
 Head of a Woman, Paris, 1941. Plaster.
 Death's Head, Paris, 1943. Torn and scratched paper
 Flowery Watering Can, Paris, 1951-52. Plaster with watering can, metal parts, nails and wood.
 Pregnant Woman, Vallauris, 1950. Plaster, wood, ceramic vessel.
 Woman carrying a child, Vallauris,1953. Painted wood and section of a palm leaf.
 Goat Skull and Bottle, Vallauris, 1951. Painted bronze.
 Woman with a Baby Carriage, Vallauris, 1950-54. Bronze.
 Little Girl Jumping Rope, Vallauris, 1950-54. Bronze.
 Sylvette, Vallauris, 1954. Sheet metal.
 She-Goat, Vallauris, 1950. Bronze.
 Bull, Cannes, 1958. Wood, branches, nails.
 Head of a Woman, Cannes, 1961. Painted sheet metal.
Little Horse, Vallauris, 1961. Painted sheet metal. 
And we'll end with Woman with Outstretched Arms, Cannes, 1961. Painted sheet metal. If you are in New York this Fall be sure to catch this show!


  1. After reading a review of this show in the New Yorker, it's great to actually see the objects pictured. Thanks for attending such great shows! Enjoy your trip and keep up your energy for blog posts


  2. Our pleasure, Cheri. We only wish we could show you all the wonderful works in the Picasso show. Truly amazing!