Sunday, September 6, 2015

Walk in the Gatineau Hills

The road beyond the Wakefield Mill splits in two at the dam.
Both directions are rewarding dead ends -- one going to the old cemetery, the other into the Gatineau Hills.
 John and I chose the road along the river
 and eventually came to the entrance to a nature trail into Gatineau Park.
 We both love woodland floors.
 John seemed to concentrate on the anthropomorphic qualities of the trees.
 whilst I shot the ferns and flowers
 like this clump of golden rod thriving in a clearing.
 Eventually we headed back to the service road
 with its ditches full of wildflowers
 and berry-laden shrubs.
There is nothing so restorative as a walk in the woods.


  1. It is restorative when one takes a walk in the woods; we did as much ourselves here twice in fact we took to the mountains and actually walked several trails; which we don't normally do but stay on the main road and walk.

    How long have you two been together as it seem ages? My nuptial is less than two decades and quite a trial and tribulation for me. My husband sees none of what I see that is hurtful to me; so when walking in the woods and one sees the fallen trees wondering if anyone heard them fall; As they surely did?

  2. Is everything ok over there. No updates in a month. Hope you're well.

  3. All's well, Jeffrey. Thanks for asking. We had a show of photographs (pictures of Paris) which was fun but took up a lot of time. Planning a trip to New York soon, so posts will inevitabley follow. Hope you too are well.

  4. Ainee. We've been together a very short 31 years. We both grew up in small Ontario towns with access to the woods, but don't get out to the country nearly enough now.