Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Solstice in Paris

The night before John and I left Paris was Summer Solsice and the Parisians were celebrating with a city-wide Music Festival. After dinner we headed out to see what was happening.
Lots was happening! Right next door at the Place des Vosges the arcades were providing a perfect setting for both professional and amateur musicians like this harpist.
We loved this folk singer with her dulcimer and so did her audience.
This amateur choir invited the audience to sing along.
There was no room for cars on the streets around the square.
This drum group invited kids in the audience to partake with rattles.
A wonderful jazz group; Odeon by name.
Another group played country dance music
and the crowd joined in with enthusiasm.
We liked this group of
mouth organ virtuosos
and another group playing bagpipes.
We decided to see what was happening at the Swedish Cultural Center. Swedish songwriter, singer and feminist, Beatrice Eli was in full control of the young crowd wearing flowers and drinking from wine bottles.
Many were singing along to her new single: Girls.
On hip Rue de la Perle the DJs were working the young crowd.
After a drink at Au Petit Fer a Cheval we decided to see what was happening in the Gay Village. A Samba marching band was squeezing through Rue Ste-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie
and all the clubs had DJs blasting out dance music to the immense crowds around the Gay clubs.
Just off Rue de Rivoli an enthusiastic group were letting their hair fly
above a subway vent.
John picked up a 3 euro beer at this pub to carry along the street.
On Rue Francs-Bourgeois we found this rock duo
and farther down the street these young jazz musicians.
We headed back to our apartment to pack for the trip home past this rock band in the Place des Vosges. It really felt like Paris was sending us off with a big party. Merci, Paris!!


  1. Wow! What fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Our pleasure, rarecat. Paris was very full of great surprises this last trip. We knew there was going to be a music festival around the city but had no idea how diverse and expansive the event would be.

  3. To have our neighbourhood taken over in such a pleasant way was quite magical, Theresa.