Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rue de Bretagne flea market

Last Saturday John and I went to a flea market on the Rue de Bretagne in the Haut-Marais. It took up the whole street, side streets and encircled the Square du Temple park. 
It only happens on this street twice in May and twice in October every year.
 The scavenger can find everything from mid-century furniture to bric-a-brac.
 We would love to have this filing cabinet for storing papers.
We could find a home for this chair as well -- a good height, not too low, and a nice support for the lower back, and what a great colour.
 Clown shoes, perhaps?
We love the rotating part of this bar.
John has a small collection of 7" vinyl records.
 He was very pleased to find this French pressing of the 1981 Pretenders single: I Go To Sleep. Only 2 euros!
 Shopping is hungry work. This being Paris, there were lots of nice places to sit and eat all around the market.


  1. Wow, love that filing cabinet. Too bad it won't fit in your carry-on.

  2. Indeed, Shelley. If we actually lived in Paris we would be furnishing our apt from this market.

  3. That is quite the flea market!
    So glad your trip overlapped with it.
    Thanks for the amazing photos.

  4. and thanks to you, Lisa, for seeing the tweet that identified the specific weekend the market was happening! Wouldn't have wanted to miss it!

  5. I wish I was with you guys!!!! what fun and yes the filing cabinet would be snatched up by one or 2 of us! enjoy. A xox

  6. amazing flea, thanks for sharing as always.

  7. Thanks, Annellie and jeffrey. It's a great market. We were lucky to catch it again this visit.

  8. You would love this market, Theresa. Lots of variety and yet low key. We would be furnishing our apt from here if we lived in Paris.

  9. Marvelous blog. Loved it!