Monday, June 15, 2015

NOMADE Cultural Festival, Paris

A few days ago John picked up a postcard for a show of photography that looked interesting. The show turned out to be part of the Nomade Festival of the Arts for the Marais neighbourhood.

We decided to drop by and have a look.
We were quite startled by the grandness of the setting for Mr Kurcz' show-- the elegant Hôtel de Sauroy (ca 1699) on Rue Charlot in the Haut-Marais.
The moody, often abstract photos, were shown in a beautiful, naturally lit empty space. We got to meet Oliver Kurcz himself in the reception area. That's him to the right.
On our way out I couldn't resist this grotesque drain pipe in the courtyard.
I also decided that I would do a little tour of the neighbourhood the next day to see what other shows and performances might be interesting.
And so while John re-visited the Picasso Museum, I wandered the Marais with my program in hand. We'd noticed a sculpture being installed in this lovely old market building, the Carreau du Temple the day before.
When I arrived on Sunday, the sculpture/instrument, Une Lutherie Monumentale, was being "played" by its creators.
Wired and electrified the elegant creation responded to the slightest movements of the musicians
to make a gently wailing electronic symphony.
On Rue Vieille du Temple I found Raphael Federici (aka Paris Sketch Culture) rolling blue paint over a graffiti and poster plastered wall.
Later when John and I passed by the artist had painted one of his iconic "Popeye-esque" figures on the space.
He's already "peopled" a nearby cafe, La Perle, with his drawings.
I know I missed all kinds of art and performances that afternoon. There were things happening all over the area at different times. It was very lively. I discovered my favourite performance at the end of my tour -- Marie Öhrn's Plantering Performance at the Swedish Institute.
But that's another story....


  1. So wonderful!
    Here's a link with a little film of the Plantering…

    1. Just copy and paste the link

  2. Wow - I love the sculpture/instrument... would be interested to hear what it sounded like. I followed Shelley's link for the plantering and that looks like a beautiful experience. What a fascinating festival!

  3. Thanks Shelley and Q for your visits and comments! It was a great arts festival on a lovely weekend and Marie Öhrn's performance was magical.