Friday, June 26, 2015

New Friends at Fer à Cheval

On our 2nd-last night in Paris Bill and I went for a drink at Au petit fer à cheval.
The waiters knew us and looked after us well. Because it was our last visit they bought us a round of drinks.
 We were pleased when our new friend Danielle appeared. 
 She had a surprise for us.
 She wanted her friend Niky to meet the guys she'd met from Canada.
We fell in love with Niky at first sight. 
 What I mean is we felt a deep affinity.
 Niky spoke very quickly with Danielle feeding Bill much-appreciated subtitles.
Danielle had one more surprise -- her friend Soumaya, who is finishing up a degree at the Sorbonne.
 I assured Soumaya that I would edit the pictures I was taking to include only the flattering ones.
She told me to put them all in, she wanted to recall each moment as it happened. 
Three women after our own hearts. Lovely meeting them all.


  1. Each moment etched in everyone's memory. Love the whoosh of the moment at the end.

  2. Thanks, Shell. Fun to share our cherished moments. Glad you like the big finish. John

  3. Talking to locals - that is always a breakthrough indeed.
    These are such great posts!

  4. Thanks, Lisa. And we still have stories of Paris to tell!