Friday, June 5, 2015

Lunch at the Bouillon Chartier

Recently John and I stepped out of the Grands Boulevards metro stop in search of a historic eatery at 6 rue du Faubourg Montmartre just above the intersection of Boulevards Montmartre and Poissonnière.
We recognized our destination by the sign, Bouillon Chartier, and followed the arrow.
We got in the fast-moving line with the rest of the lunch crowd.
Our Paris hosts had warned us not to expect fine cuisine or intimacy but that the huge 19th century dining room was worth the visit.
The restaurant has been popular since its inception in 1896. It was founded to provide good meals at reasonable prices and with good service for everyman.
We stuck with simple fare, chicken and frites and a pichet of red wine.
The service was every bit as efficient as promised for such a huge eatery.
We finished with espressos and made our exit
Note the mezzanine to the left.
Worth a visit for an inexpensive glimpse at a grander historical Paris now long-gone.


  1. It is fun at Chartier isn't it? My sister and I went a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the jolly atmosphere and the setting. Even waiting in line seemed fun.

  2. Love it. Such a small world. We're glad we went too.

  3. Adding it to our list of go to restaurants.