Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Workspace; studio

Since I've retired Bill and I have continued to add workspace.
We have put new desks for ourselves in our middle room -- his old studio.
We also found room for a reading nook.
Bill's drawing supplies have migrated to the top of the bookcase.
I'm so thrilled with my new desk.
Both by day and by night.
Bill reading in our new nook.
A homely carafe of water.
On display today --books by Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi.
Studio at Dusk -- added 6th February 2015


  1. John, I've found the same after I retired. I've commandeered an old kitchen table that we have kept in the basement as an extra work table where I can mount and mat my photos. It's great to be able to leave tools lying around the table without having to put them away. Am I ever glad I kept the table after all these years.

  2. Yes, it is a kind of luxury to have space to leave things out. Or to leave a project or two, midway, ready to return to it. The little things… ;-) Glad you wrote! John