Friday, January 16, 2015

New Workspace

Our friend Ali is a gifted carpenter.
He gave us a tremendous gift today.
He installed some new work spaces for us.
He's given us over seven feet of new tabletop to spread stuff out on.
It is always a pleasure to watch an expert at work.
Every tool is at hand.
Ali even let me help. 
And then he was done.
His tools fell back into place.
And off he went.
Thank you, Ali! Best gift ever!
These tables drop down to make room for parties.
And pop up to create project space.
My first retirement projects, two "mix tapes", now have a home.


  1. Isn't this wonderful!! + Yay Ali!! Let the creative production begin...

  2. Now you can begin in earnest. John, I love your green wall.

  3. Thanks, guys. Feels like it has given us a jolt of energy.

  4. I am confused as to many things, anyhow, what did Ali get in return for his generous use of his time. Lovely always.

  5. Thanks, Seule. Ali is a friend of the family. We are mutually supportive. ;-)

  6. Wow - what an excellent use of space. It looks beautiful. Ali did a great job. Brilliant workspace... and I'm thrilled with the mix tapes! The music is wonderful. I'm thoroughly enjoying them.

  7. You must come have a look at the new space, Q. We're very pleased. Glad the tapes were pleasing!