Sunday, November 16, 2014

Metropolitan Skyline

John and I love the views from the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Nothing matches the view of Central Park and the New York skyline.
There's usually an art installation happening up there.
This time Dan Graham and Swiss landscape architect, G√ľnther Vogt, created a piece called Hedge Two-way Mirror Walkabout, 2014.
We loved how the artists astro-turfed the Met roof. It made it a place to gather and sit.
Try not to miss the rooftop next time you visit the Met.


  1. Love those clouds over the NYC skyline. I've never been on the roof of the Met. A must for next time.

  2. Your going to love it, Shelley. The view is always worth going up and sometimes the installations very cool. We really loved The Big Bamboo and Jeff Koon's huge balloon dogs and hearts on previous visits.